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The Harper Porsche Team

Thomas Harper

Thomas Harper | Dealer Principal

Founder of Harper Porsche

Phone: 865.691.2834

Shannon Harper

Shannon Harper | Vice President

Shannon started at the dealerships washing cars and has worked in every possible position in the dealerships. He has the same commitment to creating long term enthusiastic customers as his father, Tom. Shannon is very active in the community as a member of Nucleus Knoxville, involved with East TN Boys and Girls Club and United Way, and on the board of Junior Achievement of East Tennessee and the Dogwood Arts Festival. Harper is a proud sponsor of Ruthie's Fund, Knoxville Opera, and the Great Smoky Mountains Tremont Foundation. He has also received an Automotive News 40 under 40 award and is an Introduction Knoxville alumnus.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Ray Gardner

Ray Gardner | General Manager

Ray has been with the Harper family of dealerships since 1991. In his free time he enjoys cycling, hiking, trail running, and camping with his wife and two sons.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Andy Dean

Andy Dean | Sales Manager/ Brand Ambassador

Andy Dean was born into the car business as his grandfather was a dealer principal for many years.  The torch was passed down, and Andy has been with the Harper family since 2009.  His experience and unflappable nature have been invaluable to the Harper family of dealerships.  Andy enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn son in his time away from work.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Mark Nagle

Mark Nagle | Service Manager

Mark has been with the Harper family of dealerships since 1997.  In his spare time he enjoys camping with his family and is an avid sports fan.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Nick Dockery

Nick Dockery | Finance Manager

Nick comes from a Service background and knows cars inside and out.  His passion for the Porsche brand is strong and his passion for our customers is even stronger.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and writing songs with his wife and daughter.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Joey Collins

Joey Collins | Sales Consultant/ Brand Ambassador

Joey has been with the Harper family since 1982. He has a laundry list of hobbies including: cycling, all motor sports, and a slalom and trick water skier. He is an avid Moto GP fan and an ADV rider.  Joey is a Sales Excellence Award winner for 2014, making him one of the top 100 sales specialists in the world!

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Trent Rogers

Trent Rogers | Sales Consultant/ Brand Ambassador

Trent started working for Harper in 2012 and has been in the luxury car business since 2002. He loves fishing and Motorsports with his wife. They also enjoy fostering and re-homing bully breeds here in your local rescue!

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Derek  Bonzagni

Derek Bonzagni | Sales Specialist

Derek has worked for the Harper family of dealerships since 2014.  He moved here from Denver, CO with his wife and daughter and has worked with many highline brands;  Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Audi, etc.  He now calls Knoxville home and takes full advantage of the outdoor activities this area has to offer.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Ryan Hummel

Ryan Hummel | Sales Specialist

Raised in Knoxville, Ryan studied Business and Finance at the University of Miami.   After graduation, he worked for Land Rover in South Florida for 8 years and eventually realized that he wanted to call Knoxville home again.  He is happily married to his elementary school sweetheart and has been a huge asset to the Harper family.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Brian Daley

Brian Daley | Dealer Customer Experience Manager/ Service Advisor

Brian comes from a family of long-time Porsche owners and has owned a 911 and a Cayenne himself.  When he is not keeping things in line at Harper Porsche, he is spending time with his wife and daughter exploring local trails in his 4WD or jumping waves on his Personal Water Craft.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Brad Laura

Brad Laura | Service Advisor

Brad has proven to be a huge asset to Harper Porsche and has the personality and know-how to handle all of your servicing needs.  Outside of work, Brad enjoys spending time with his family and watching SEC Football.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Seth Ramsbottom

Seth Ramsbottom | Inventory Manager

Legend.  Seth grew up racing Mountain Bikes in the South East and moved to Colorado to pursue his passion for cycling as an international account rep. for Yeti Cycles.  After many years with Yeti, family brought him back home to East Tennessee where he spends his time riding local trails and spending time with his family.

Phone: 865.934.2828

Alison Chittum

Alison Chittum | Business Manager

Alison has been with the Harper family of dealerships since 2000 and has proven herself invaluable.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling to ball games with her husband and two children and camping when weather permits.

Phone: 865.934.2828

Linda Williams

Linda Williams | Warranty Administrator

Linda has been with Harper Porsche since 1981.  It is employees like Linda that exemplify what the Harper Dealership culture is all about!

Gary  Volpe

Gary Volpe | Shop Foreman

Since 1995, Gary has been the go-to guy for anything that needs to be repaired at Harper Porsche.  His work ethic and character have gained him much admiration amongst his peers.  In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with his family.

Phone: 865.934.2828

Jason Leung

Jason Leung | Porsche Technician- Gold

Jason has been with Harper Porsche since 2002 and is familiar with both new and older Porsche models (especially the air cooled Porsches).

Phone: 865.934.2828

Sharif Ahmaed

Sharif Ahmaed | Porsche Technician- Gold

Sharif has been with Harper Porsche since 2011.  He spends his spare time enjoying his classic Porsche, riding his cyclocross bike, and adventuring/ camping trips on his Dual Sport motorcycle.  

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Todd Gibson

Todd Gibson | Porsche Technician- Silver

Todd has spent several years with Harper Porsche as a technician.  In his spare time he enjoys racing NASA Rally Sport in his MAZDASPEED 6 and spending time with his son.   

Arturo Vega Lopez

Arturo Vega Lopez | Porsche Technician- Bronze

Art has been with Harper Porsche since 2015.  In his spare time he enjoys working out at the gym and working on cars.

Phone: 865.934.2828

Gary  Hackney

Gary Hackney | Service Detail

Gary has been assisting customers at Harper Porsche since 2007.  In his spare time he enjoys collecting Classic Rock records and maintaining his fish aquariums.

Phone: 865.934.2828

Jeddadiah Woodcock

Jeddadiah Woodcock | Service Detail

Jeddadiah came to Harper Porsche with a strong work ethic and an eagerness to give our customers an excellent Harper experience.  In his spare time, he is spending quality time with his family.

Phone: 865.934.2828

Nick  Milligan

Nick Milligan | Parts Manager

Nick has been with Harper Porsche since 1997.  He is very passionate about the Porsche brand, and it shows in his enthusiasm.  He loves spending time with his family outside of work. 

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Chuck Rawls

Chuck Rawls | Parts Sales

Chuck started with the Harper family of dealerships in 1984.  His experience is invaluable and in his spare time he enjoys tinkering with vintage motorcycles.

Phone: 865.934.2828

John Duckett

John Duckett | Parts Sales

John is right at home with the Harper dealership family and his personality and work ethic are huge assets to Harper Porsche.  In his spare time he enjoys drawing (he is a phenominal artist) and spending time with his family.

Phone: 865.934.2828

Tim Pruett

Tim Pruett | Wholesale Parts Director

Tim started out at Harper Porsche in 1981 and spent a small stint working with other luxury brands.  In his spare time he enjoys motorsports, telling jokes, and riding his custom Harley through the East Tennessee mountains.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Charity Stomm

Charity Stomm | Title Clerk

Charity has many years of car business experience and knows the ins and outs of titling and registering vehicles from all over the country.  Her professionalism and personality make Harper Porsche a great place to work and do business with.

Phone: 865.934.2828

Kinsley Vincent

Kinsley Vincent | Customer Reception

Kinsley joined the Harper Porsche Team with an amazing attitude, and with a Degree in Communications she is a huge asset to the organization.  In her spare time Kinsley enjoys playing golf, a continuation of her career as a collegiate athlete.

Phone: 865.934.2828 • Email:

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson | Marketing Manager

Bill has been the Marketing guru for Harper Porsche since 2008.  Bill has been a Harper Porsche customer since the early 1980's. He worked in the radio business since the early 70's and has quite the valued reputation within the community.  In his spare time he enjoys polishing his Porsche 911 GT3, attending motorsport events, and volunteering for Golden Gloves of Knoxville.

Phone: 865.691.0393 • Email: